Editorial comittee

The INPN Editorial Committee and its missions

The Ministry in charge of Ecology (MTE) has entrusted the MNHN with the organisation of the information system specific to the National Inventory of Natural Heritage (INPN) and its development in the form of a website, in addition to the scientific mission defined by law. The purpose of the latter is to make the information from the inventory available to as many people as possible, in particular the naturalist community, local authorities, public institutions and companies (research offices, space managers, etc.).

At the request of the Orientation committee of the INPN and the MTE, the MNHN is setting up an editorial committee (CE) which will be an important forum for discussion and consultation relating to the "dissemination" part of the INPN.

The EC is an advisory committee the main points of which must be cross-cutting issues with the objective of finding a broadcast compromise for the "general public" and "naturalists" with scientific robustness.

The main objective of this committee is to clarify and focus the concepts of strongness, editorial and navigational concepts of the INPN.


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June 13, 2016 EC report