UMS 2006 Natural Heritage - Management organisation

In the MNHN, the Natural Heritage Service is responsible for managing and developing the INPN.

UMS 2006 Patrimoine Naturel is developing a "data and expertise center" on nature that covers the whole biodiversity (wildlife/flora/habitat) and geodiversity theme in France (land, marine, metropolitan and ultra-marine). This department, supervised by the OFB (French Office of Biodiversity), the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and the MNHN (National Museum of Natural History) is in charge of coordinating and optimizing the collection, promotion and distribution of information about natural heritage.
Located between the scientific research and decision-makers, this department works in partnership with all the biodiversity stakeholders in order to meet the implementation of the Natural Heritage Inventory, and ensure the creation of the national INPN (National Inventory of Natural Heritage) platform.

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UMS 2006 Natural Heritage website

INPN team within the UMS

Project coordinator: Laurent Poncet
Scientific Referent: Julien Touroult
Research & Development: Olivier Gargominy
IT Manager: Frédéric Vest

IT Project Coordinator: Nicolas Boulain
Webmaster: Chantal Fitoussi
Scientific communication Referent: Sarah Figuet
Developer:Stéphane François, Wahida Lassoued, Rabia Sadouni
Data and GIS Project Coordinator: Solène Robert
Data Administrator: Frédéric Vest
Geographic data Administrator: Guillaume Grech
Data Integrator and Validator: Coline Chanet, Blandine Decherf, Mathieu Manceau

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