• Overview

    The INPN is the reference information system for data related to Nature.

  • Orientation comittee

    The orientation comittee is a place for sharing and discussing on the INPN.

  • Editorial comittee

    The editorial committee and the annual satisfaction survey aim to clarify and orient the editorial concepts of the INPN.

  • Management organisation

     MNHN - Jardin des plantes  © INPN - S.Figuet

    UMS 2006 Patrimoine Naturel is responsible for managing and developing the INPN.

  • Supervisory agencies

    Hôtel de Roquelaure © INPN - Libre de droit

    Five organisations provide the supervision of the INPN.

  • Partner agencies

    Partner organisations are essential to the development of INPN.

  • Communication

    Find posters and communication flyers related to the INPN.

  • Press

    Find press releases and press reviews of the INPN.

  • Satisfaction survey

    Every year, a satisfaction survey is carried out to monitor the satisfaction and expectations of the users of the INPN website


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