INPN Espèces

Genuine tool for raising awareness and knowledge building on the French biodiversity, INPN Espèces allows you to discover, from your mobile phone, the diversity of the species present around you, and to participate in the biodiversity inventory in your county.


INPN Espèces is the only app in france that allows you to discover all the French fauna and flora species (mainland and overseas) through their characteristics, distribution or conversation status. Thanks to a data entry eased by image and geolocalisation from one's mobile, anyone can, with one click, better know nature around oneself.


Since may 2018, it's possible to participate in your county's species inventory by transmitting your observations to experts !

You only need a few cliks to share your observations:

  • take one or more pictures of the sepcies you wish to identify. It has to be a wild species, with a clear picture, and all determining criteria seeable;
  • put the location for the observation using the function « géolocaliser », or by entering manually the name of your county
  • specify the simple group of the species (fish, mammal, insect, plant, etc.).

You can try to go further by indicating the taxonomic group (day butterflies, salamanders, newts, flowers, etc.). The app also suggests an illustrated list of probable species to allow you to put a name on the observed species.

Once the observation is sent, you'll be informed on progress concerning it. With regards to your picture quality and sent elements, you can accumulate points and get to higher levels ! On their side, experts will fill in their species distribution maps. This way, you can become a biodiversity observer for your county, and become a stakeholder in knowledge ! Quickly, join the thousands of people already members of the INPN Espèces community.

You can find your observations validated by the experts on the internet platform Détermin'Obs.
You will find all the observations that have been shared via the INPN Espèces application, the classification of contributors as well as the documentation related to the INPN Espèces project.


Quests are also offered to answer a scientific question about a particular group or species. The data collected will allow experts to better understand the ecology, distribution or life cycle of the targeted species.

Depending on the season, new quests will be offered regularly. Some will take place over several months while others will be offered over shorter periods. Similarly, some will target the metropolis, others the overseas territories, some will be national and others much more local.

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