The SINP, Natural heritage inventory information system

General overview

The SINP is a partnership system between the Ministry of the Environment, the French Biodiversity Office (OFB), the National Museum of Natural History (MNHN), associations, local authorities, public or private institutions and decentralised State services. It aims to promote synergy between the actors working for the production, management, processing, enhancement and dissemination of geolocalized data relating to the inventory of natural heritage (biodiversity and geodiversity).

The SINP is a network of actors who share the naturalistic information they hold according to a set of common methods and rules.

The SINP thus aims to structure knowledge on biodiversity: species (fauna, flora, fungi) on the one hand, natural or semi-natural habitats on the other, and geodiversity in order to make this knowledge available to the greatest number (and according to the regulations in force). It covers the entire national territory (metropolitan France and overseas) and covers both terrestrial and marine areas.

Nautilus macromphalus © B. Guichard
Prairies, terrains dominés par des herbacées non graminoïdes, des mousses ou des lichens © O. Roquinarc'h
Failles et plis dans les falaises et sur l’estran du Cap Gris-Nez © P. De Wever

The knowledge thus shared must in particular enable public policies to be drawn up and monitored, provide citizens with sufficient information for public debate (in particular through the publications of the national biodiversity observatory), facilitate decision-making in a democratic framework, decompartmentalise information between public authorities, citizens and economic players and enable reporting in line with European and international commitments.

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The general presentation of the programmes contributing to the SINP as well as the reference documents are available in the programme section.
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The site of the SINP project groups, intended for the actors involved in the various SINP works, presents the state of progress and organisation of the projects, and provides the associated documentation (meeting minutes, etc.).
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