• Taxonomic repository (TaxRef)

    Papillon Polyommatus icarus  © INPN - Renaud Puissauve

    Taxonomic repositories for flora and fauna of metropolitan France and overseas territories

  • Knowledge base
    « Status »

    Euproctus montanus  © INPN - O. Gargominy

    Knowledge base of the status of species from metropolitan France and overseas territories.

  • Repository of protocols and methods (CAMPanule)

    Repository of naturalistic data acquisition protocols, methods and techniques

  • National inventories

    Eresus niger © INPN - Arnaud Horellou

    A national inventory of species is an organised process of data acquisition of species.

  • Species observation data

    Species observation data are shared and disseminated within the SINP.


  • Habitats repository

    Les Antilles © INPN - Franck Mazeas

    Repository of habitats and vegetations in metropolitan France and overseas territories.

  • CarHab

    Carte des biotopes du département du Loiret réalisé en 2019 © UMS PatriNat

    CarHab is a national cartographic modeling program for natural and semi-natural habitats in France.

  • Habitats observation data

    Tufière de Rolampont © P. Perrez / ONF

    Habitats observation data are shared and disseminated as part of the SINP.


  • Protected areas

    Site du Conservatoire du Littoral de Ploumanac'h © INPN - Renaud Puissauve

    National basis of the areas providing protection or management of natural heritage.

  • NATURA 2000

    Petite Camargue © INPN - Paul Rouveyrol

    National basis of the Natura 2000 network.

  • Znieff

    Monte Castellare © INPN - Arnaud Horellou

    Inventory of Natural Areas of Ecological, Fauna and Flora Interest (ZNIEFF).

  • TVB programme

    .. © R.Sordello

    Standardized geographic data from the Regional ecological-continuity plans

  • Geological heritage

    Désert du Platé, Haute-Savoie © P. De Wever

    National basis of the National Inventory of Natural Heritage program.

Assessment - Preservation

  • Red Lists

    Orque © INPN - Libre de droit

    The Red Lists assess the risk of extinction of plant and animal species and the risk of collapse of ecosystems.

  • Community Reportings
    on "Nature"

    Accipiter gentilis, palombe © INPN - Libre de droit

    assessing the conservation status of species and habitats of community interest and assessing the status and trends of wild bird populations

  • National Action Plans

     Coquelicots © INPN - Libre de droit

    The national action plans define the conservation agenda for some endangered species.

  • Invasive Alien Species

    Ecrevisse américaine Orconectes limosus © INPN - C. Quintin

    Invasive alien species (invasive), definitions, monitoring and surveillance.

  • Sensitivity

    Habitats marins de mer d’Iroise © INPN – P. Gourdain

    Evaluating habitats’ and species’ sensitivity to anthropogenic pressures