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Sericomyia silentis (Harris, 1778)

(Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Diptera)

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  • Fauna Europaea, scientific names and distribution of all living multicellular European land and fresh-water animals Fauna Europaea : 65986

Classification :

Synonymie :

  • Musca silentis Harris, 1778 (Espèce CD_NOM = 913333)
  • Sericomyia borealis (Fallén, 1816) (Espèce CD_NOM = 839518)

Références bibliographiques

  • Musca silentis Harris, 1778 :
    Harris (1776-[1780]) : 59.
    [Description originale] Harris, M. 1776-[1780]. An exposition of English insects. Including the several classes of Neuroptera, Hymenoptera & Diptera, or bees, flies & Libellulæ. Exhibiting on 51 copper plates near 500 figures, accurately drawn & highly finished in colours, from nature. The whole minutely described, arranged & named, according to the Linnean-system, with remarks. The figures of a great number of moths, not in the Aurelian collection, formerly published by the same author, and a plate with an explanation of colours, are likewise given in the work. London. 166 pp.
  • Sericomyia silentis (Harris, 1778) :
    Lebard & Speight (2019) : 26.
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