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Agdistis bennetii (Curtis, 1833)

(Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Lepidoptera)

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  • Fauna Europaea, scientific names and distribution of all living multicellular European land and fresh-water animals Fauna Europaea : 438329

Classification :

Synonymie :

  • Adactylus bennetii Curtis, 1833 (Espèce CD_NOM = 699839)

Références bibliographiques

  • Adactylus bennetii Curtis, 1833 :
    Curtis (1833) : [471].
    [Description originale] Curtis, J. 1833. British Entomology; being illustrations and descriptions of the genera of insects found in Great Britain and Ireland: containing coloured figures from nature of the most rare and beautiful species, and in many instances of the plants upon wich they are found. Vol. X.. Londres.
  • Arenberger (1985) : 192.
    [Statut pour la France métropolitaine] Arenberger, E. 1985. Die palaearktischen Agdistis-Arten. Beiträge naturkunde Forschung Südwest-Deutschland, 36: 185-226.