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Nabis raiateana Polhemus, 2010

(Arthropoda, Hexapoda, Hemiptera)

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Références bibliographiques

  • Nabis raiateana Polhemus, 2010 :
    Polhemus (2010)
    [Statut pour la Polynésie française] Polhemus, D. A. 2010. Eight new species of micropterous Nabidae (Heteroptera) from the Society Islands, French Polynesia, with consideration of hotspot island speciation patterns. Tijdschrift voor Entomologie, 153(1) : 53-78.
  • Ramage (2017)
    [Statut pour la Polynésie française] Ramage, T. 2017. Checklist of the terrestrial and freshwater arthropods of French Polynesia (Chelicerata; Myriapoda; Crustacea; Hexapoda). Zoosystema, 39(2): 213-225. [http://sciencepress.mnhn.fr/sites/default/files/articles/pdf/z2017n2a3.pdf]