Orientation comittee

The INPN orientation committee and its missions

The INPN orientation committee is a forum for exchange and consultation regarding the French National Inventory for Natural Heritage. Its main mission is to establish the cross-disciplinary role of the INPN and to improve how this structure operates. Its purpose is to implement a better governance of the INPN and to develop the tool according to the expectations of the different partners, based on four areas of work:

  • Gathering together all the members and their partners, and the structure's development needs
  • Ensuring proper coordination with the different local, national, and international forums in the framework of the SINP
  • Analysing the INPN's dashboards and assessment criteria
  • Defining actions to be initiated or improved upon.

Concept Note

Composition and operation of the orientation committee

The INPN orientation committee brings together major national organisations which provide knowledge of biodiversity and a representation of regional and local partners. Its members undertake to actively participate in the INPN, notably through the promotion of this structure and the provision of data.

The directors or managers of the partner agencies are full members and may decide to appoint a representative. This appointment takes immediate effect and becomes permanent with a simple letter indicating the name of the new representative sent to the INPN committee.

The committee is chaired by the MNHN.

The orientation committee meets once a year and is composed of a maximum of 35 members, divided into six colleges: departments and communities, research establishments, learned or naturalist societies, technical or private partners, european partners.

Members list of the orientation Committee

Orientation committees

The reports and the presentations of each OC are available by year.