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Biological Reference Collections ICM CSIC

Description :

 The Biological Reference Collections (CBR) are located at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona. They were created in 1981, thanks to the efforts of Jaume Rucabado, Domingo Lloris and Concepción Allué. However, its official opening for the consultation was not carried out up until March of 1982. They are catalogued by the Spanish Ministery of Culture from 1990 (C. Sanz-Pastor and F. de Piérola, 1990. - Museos y Colecciones de España). 

Research lines don't exist. The biological collections are an Unit of Service of the ICM for the cataloguing, the preservation and the study of the deposited marine organisms (fish, crustaceans, cephalopods and echinoderms).

The access to the CBR is carried out after previous application to the curator and keeping in mind the work to carry out. This application can be made in person or by means of postal mail, e-mail, fax or telephone. It is also possible to be access to the preserved specimens previous application backed up by some scientific institution. In this supposition, the applicant will receive by mail or messenger the ordered material without postal costs. After the agreed time, the applicant will return the material paying himself the postal fees.

Use restrictions: 1 -The type specimens are not sent and they can only be consulted in the facilities of the CBR. 2 - the borrowed material won't be subjected to destructive techniques (dissection, extraction of organs, etc.), for that supposition additional material exists. Only in special cases the extraction of some samples can be authorized, but always under previous application.

Link GBIF portal : https://www.gbif.org/dataset/1d743188-1e65-4d99-a814-fa3fd51f1490
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Type Organisme Nom
Fournisseur CBR-ICM (CSIC) OLIVAS GONZÁLEZ Francisco Javier
Producteur CBR-ICM (CSIC) OLIVAS GONZÁLEZ Francisco Javier

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Premiere diffusion : 26/09/2019 
Dernière mise à jour : 26/09/2019  

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