BirdMap Data - GPS tracking of Storks, Cranes and birds of prey, breeding in Northern and Eastern Europe

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 NGO Kotkaklubi (Eagle Club) and 5D Vision Ltd have developed an online portal, to visualize GPS data of migratory birds. Current dataset serves as a copy of source data for this visualization. The portal operates since 2006. Birds of 10 different species have been monitored, total number of individuals has been more than 120. Currently over 400 thousand occurrences (GPS fixes) are stored in the database. The data is managed via web-based backend that enables different methods of importing gps data (Movebank, manual upload for different receiver data formats). As the dataset covers long period of monitoring different species, various types of GPS transmitters have been used. Illustrated data about species and individuals can also be added. To enable publishing of the data to GBIF, synchronization to PlutoF biological data management platform was developed. The aim of the Birdmap portal is to increase awareness, international communication about nature and its protection by combining the possibilities and advancements of modern technology with this attractive natural phenomenon as well as providing researches and decision-makers with visualized spatial data for using in environmental analysis of possible influence of large-scale infrastructure projects. (Due to legal reasons exact location data of species with highest protection category in Estonia, belonging to Estonian territory, are not disclosed in this dataset and are available on request.)

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Title : Development of Birdmap project
Abstract : Purpose was to upgrade running interactive bird migration web application In almost in ten years of work the habits of users, as well as technical approach for web sites have been changed significantly. Therefore, requirements for user interface have been forced us to develop new version of bird migration map. In addition, there was an increased amount of data that sets the conditions for the user interface. The goal was to eliminate the bottlenecks that have accumulated over the years and to win back the users of the migration map.
Funding : Environmental Investment Centre KIK12964
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Le jeu de données diffusé est issu d'un traitement automatique appliqué sur les données issues du GBIF. Les règles de l'INPN et plus globalement du SINP (en termes de périmètre et de contrôle sur les données) peuvent impliquer que l'ensemble des données du jeu source ne soit pas restitué dans le SINP.
 The disseminated dataset stems from an automatic treatment applied to data coming from GBIF. INPN rules, and more generally SINP rules (in terms of perimeter and data quality controls) may imply that the whole of the source dataset might not be provided on the SINP platform. 


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Fournisseur ADOJAAN Kristjan
Fournisseur SELLIS Urmas
Fournisseur VÄLI Ülo
Fournisseur OJASTE Ivar
Fournisseur DENAC Katarina
Fournisseur LÕHMUS Asko
Fournisseur ĶUZE Jānis

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Premiere diffusion : 22/07/2019 
Dernière mise à jour : 09/04/2021  

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