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 The General Collection of the Geneva Herbarium is estimated to contain 6 million specimens of plants (vascular plants, bryophytes and «algae»), fungi (Basidiomycetes, Ascomycetes, lichens), Oomycetes and Myxomycetes from around the world. The history of this collection began with the gift of the Haller filius herbarium in 1823. But it was with the arrival of the Benjamin Delessert herbarium collection in 1869 (300´000 specimens from across the world) that the Conservatoire botanique acquired its true international status. Subsequent collections have enriched the General Collection, whose growth continues by exchanges, gifts and acquisitions, and through collecting by the Institution’s botanists.

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Le jeu de données diffusé est issu d'un traitement automatique appliqué sur les données issues du GBIF. Les règles de l'INPN et plus globalement du SINP (en termes de périmètre et de contrôle sur les données) peuvent impliquer que l'ensemble des données du jeu source ne soit pas restitué dans le SINP.
 The disseminated dataset stems from an automatic treatment applied to data coming from GBIF. INPN rules, and more generally SINP rules (in terms of perimeter and data quality controls) may imply that the whole of the source dataset might not be provided on the SINP platform. 


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Premiere diffusion : 24/09/2019 
Dernière mise à jour : 08/04/2022  

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