CSIC-Real Jardín Botánico-Colección de Hongos (MA-Fungi)

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English: The Herbarium at the Real Jardín Botánico contains the largest collection of dried fungi in the Iberian Peninsula. It is integrated by two collections, MA-FunHist and MA-Fungi. The first, houses the historical collection, i.e. those fungi included in the MA Herbarium until 1976. MA-Fungi collection contains nearly 85,000 specimens, of wich 194 are type specimens and 14,292 have microscope slides. Basidiomycota and Ascomycota (Kingdom Fungi), as well as Myxomycota (slime molds) are the best represented. This collection is the result primarily, of the activity developed by the staff of the Mycology research, initiated by F.D. Calonge in 1975, and specially by the research project Flora Micológica Ibérica (1991-2009), led by Mª. T. Telleria and M. Dueñas. The majority of the specimens are of Iberian origin, (85% from Spain and 3% from Portugal). The rest corresponds to specimens from other countries, mainly from Europe and America, but also from Asia and Africa, thoungh in smaller numbers, they are the result of exchanges programs and staff expeditions. Major collectors in the herbarium are: F.D. Calonge, M.T. Telleria, C. Lado, M. Dueñas, F. Pando, and M. Oltra. Private collections as the L. Cabo Rey and L.M. García Bona have recently included. The collection is fully databased using a system named “HERBAR”, a herbarium management program, developed by F. Pando et al. at Real Jardín Botánico. All the information is available online at: http://www.rjb.csic.es/jardinbotanico/jardin/index.php?Cab=109&len=es&Pag=204. Le jeu de données diffusé est issu d'un traitement automatique appliqué sur les données issues du GBIF. Les règles de l'INPN et plus globalement du SINP (en termes de périmètre et de contrôle sur les données) peuvent impliquer que l'ensemble des données du jeu source ne soit pas restitué dans le SINP. The disseminated dataset stems from an automatic treatment applied to data coming from GBIF. INPN rules, and more generally SINP rules (in terms of perimeter and data quality controls) may imply that the whole of the source dataset might not be provided on the SINP platform.


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Fournisseur Real Jardín Botánico. CSIC DUEÑAS Margarita
Producteur Real Jardín Botánico. CSIC DUEÑAS Margarita

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Premiere diffusion : 09/04/2021 
Dernière mise à jour : 08/04/2022  

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