Herbarium RIPART Eugène and Des Méloizes Albert (BOUM)

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 This is the inventory of the whole plant collection made between 1846 and 1877 by the French the doctor Eugène RIPART (b.1815-d.1878) and included in the plant collection of the lawyer Albert DES MÉLOIZES (b.1838-d.1910) who added some specimens that he gathered and a few exsiccatae that he bought. 123 botanists, European and Northern American, are listed among the collectors. Samples are dated from 1826 to 1889. They were collected mainly in France and Switzerland, but also in Germany, Great-Britain, Italy, Middle and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, United States of America, North Africa, India and many others. Specimens cover as well phanerogamic flora, as the cryptogamic florae and some marine algae from the French Atlantic coast.

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Premiere diffusion : 09/04/2021 
Dernière mise à jour : 08/04/2022  

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