32.5 - Garrigues orientales

Eastern garrigues

Classification des habitats CORINE biotopes

Descriptif officiel

Shrubby formations, often low, of the meso-, thermo- and occasionally supra-Mediterranean zones of Greece. Included here are all sclerophyllous formations, regardless of substrate, except those with conspicuous cushion structure (phryganas s.s., listed in 33, and hedgehog-heaths, listed in 31.7), those with abundant Pistacia lentiscus, Myrtus communis or other thermo-Mediterranean brush elements (Phillyrea spp., Erica manipuliflora, Styrax officinalis, Genista fasselata, Euphorbia dendroides, Calicotome villosa, Sarcopoterium spinosum) listed in 32.2 and high maquis with Erica arborea and Arbutus spp., listed in 32.3. The subdivisions proposed are based on the physiognomically most significant dominants; co-dominance can be indicated by use of multiple codes.

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Micromerietea p.


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