Repository of organizations


The repository of organizations is the list of structures participating in the Biodiversity Information System whatever their status.

The objective of this repository is to provide a tool to help standardize information on stakeholders and strengthen the link with the data exchanged in the SINP or produce by programs as Natura 2000, Protected areas, Geological heritage (INPG),...

Access the repository

A copy of the repository is available for download
Download the repository

The repository is available via a webservice.
Download the webservice documentation

Contribute to the repository

To contribute to the supply of the repository, an application ) makes it possible to propose the creation of new organizations or updating them if they already listed. Access to the application is secure. To access it is necessary to have an account on INPN web site and to request the rights to use the application at the following address:
Download the user documentation of the application
Download the template

The description of the repository is accessible in the data dictionary
Download the data description