A3.23 - Biocénoses méditerranéennes et pontiques des algues infralittorales modérément exposées à l'action des vagues

Mediterranean and Pontic communities of infralittoral algae moderately exposed to wave action

Classification des habitats EUNIS

Descriptif officiel

This community is characterised by the presence of many photophilic algae covering hard bottoms in moderately exposed areas.

Descriptif en français

Ces biocénoses se caractérisent par la présence de nombreuses algues photophiles recouvrant les substrats durs en mode semi battu.


There is a certain degree of duplication among some habitat classes in the EUNIS system coming either from BioMar or the Barcelona or HELCOM classifications. Therefore this means that all level 4 definitions (presently based on BioMar and Barcelona) should be checked, and given a new name if necessary. The biogeographic details are to be addressed in level 5 habitats.

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ICRAM, 2005. Mediterranean marine habitat descriptions. ICRAM - Istituto Centrale per la Ricerca Applicata al Mare. (Source)