Species observation data - Contributing

Contributing – transmitting data to INPN

Any organization or person can contribute to the SINP by transmitting its data. Conditions fo the exchange between SINP platforms and data dissemination rules by them are governed by a national protocol.

Regional platforms are favoured entry points in the SINP for the regional stakeholder’s data. The INPN, theme platform for taxon occurrence, is favoured for national stakeholders.

For regional producers

Are considered regional producers, persons or organizations whose prospection area is limited to a geographical region.

Habilitated regional platform are the favoured entry points.

For more information on regional platforms, you can contact the environment department of your DREAL / DEAL / DRIEE.

To date, the regional platforms exchanging data with the INPN (Data exchange no older than 2 years) are the following ones (a list entry doesn't provide empowerment):

Region Presentation of the system Taxonomic impact of data exchange with INPN
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
Bourgogne Franche-Comté Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
Centre-Val de Loire Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
Guadeloupe Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
Haut-de-France Website: Fauna
Île-de-France Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
Normandie Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
Nouvelle-Aquitaine Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)
La Réunion Website: Fauna, Flora (and Fungi)

More information about Empowerment

For national producers

SAre considered national producers, persons or organizations whose prospection area spans several geographical regions.

The INPN, theme platform for taxon occurrence, is the main entry point for the SINP.

Data can be transmitted via standardized files , or by entering it into Cardobs , naturalist data entry and management tool.

Metadata (information describing the context for data acquisition) must be associated with data transmission to ensure tracking, and allow for a valid use. Metadata can be transmitted via standardized files or by using the dedicated metadata application¹.

Data will be submitted to checks (conformity of transmitted elements, consistency of information, and automatic scientific validation).

An SINP’s sensibility level will be added to transmitted data. This sensibility level will determine the level of blurring assigned to disseminated data on the INPN and in the SINP.

Data and metadata will be disseminated on the INPN, in its office as a national platform for the SINP, and rendered accessible within the SINP (regional platforms, DREAL/DEAL/DRIEE, OFB and other interested parties) according to the conditions defined by the SINP protocol and detail in the INPN charter.

For international producers

Are considered international producers foreign organizations or persons holding or producing data on all or part of the French territory.

GBIF will be the main entry point to the SINP.

¹ Patrinat has the right to moderate access to the metadata application – contact : sinp-data@mnhn.fr

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