Species observation data
OpenObs: National biodiversity search engine

Project context

The purpose of the « National biodiversity search engine » project is to set up a multi-criteria web-based query tool for viewing, exploring, validating and downloading species observation datas. Called OpenObs, this tool responds to the functions of the SINP national platform in terms of data dissemination.

Tool features

OpenObs currently offers the following main features:

  • Simple and advanced search (multicriteria) for data based on taxonomic, geographical, temporal and observational information (ex : observation status) and dataset (ex : dataset name)
  • Filters and sorts data according to a wide range of criteria
  • Save/share queries and search criteria (based on URL)
  • Access to information on taxon occurrence data
  • Maps and table visualisation
  • Download the cartographic rendering (png, jpeg).
  • Unitary data visualization
  • Download data

Access to Open Obs

Open Obs
Access to Open Obs


The OpenObs project is led by UMS PatriNat as part of the SINP.
It is technically based on the «  Atlas of Living Australia  » project, supported by the GBIF community, in particular by the Living Atlases collective.
Crowdin is used for the internationalization.